Nucleic acid amplification is a valuable tool for molecular diagnostics. DNA amplification is a life science staple for identifying specific changes in nucleotides throughout genomes. Applications for detecting these changes, single nucleotide poymorphisms (SNPs), abound in medicine, emergency care, security, education, agricultural and veterinary indutries. While there are many techniques for amplifying DNA the whole diagnostic process is currently executed on an infrastructure created years before many of the new advances in genetics and information technology. The existing infrastructure (from sampling, to laboratory, to point-of-need, to payments) does not adequately exploit new discoveries. The majority of today's laboratory systems require manys steps in sample handling, manipulation, and often shipping of samples to disparate locations for analysis on expensive bench-top equipment. Lab results are passed back across organizations to the sample originators needlessly increasing the cost and time of a diagnosis. The SNPIT platform enables a new era of rapid, inexpensive, anywhere-anytime, nucleic acid technology diagnostics and information.

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