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"...applications for fast, point-of-use, SNP analysis abound in medical, emergency care, security, education, agricultural, and veterinary industries."

Corporate Headquarters: Zerosum, Inc. 1060 Brighton Drive Seven Valleys, PA 17360 USA
Telephone : (717) 428-9744 Toll free: (800) 672-2899
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Zerosum Board of Directors - Zerosum is a privately held Pennsylvania C Corporation.

Zerosum Advisors and Related Information

The Webb Law Firm | Corporate Patent Counsel

The Webb Law Firm
One Gateway Center
420 Fort Duquesne Blvd.
Suite 200
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Dr. Stephen Holbrook - Staff scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory | Bioinformatics

Dr. Holbrook is an experienced macromolecular crystallographer specializing in structural studies of RNA and Protein-nucleic acid complexes. He is currently leading a project studying the structural basis of DNA repair in the radiation resistant microbe Deinococcus radiodurans. He also has been involved in computational biology projects for many years, from crystallographic computing, to molecular modeling of nucleic acids and proteins, to machine learning approaches to biological questions. He has developed neural networks for the prediction of protein surface accessibility, disulfide bonding state, and protein fold classification. He is currently developing methods for finding novel RNA genes in genomic sequences, assignment of biological function directly from protein sequence and classification of bacterial promoter seqeunces.

Joseph P. Hackett - Comprehensive Wealth Management with Fulton Financial Advisors | Financial

A firm managing $3.4 Billion in assets. Joe is responsible for Investment Management, International - Foreign Currency, Wire Transfers, Foreign Drafts, Estate Planning, Succession Planning and Implementation, Cash Management, and Customized Credit options. Credit options incorporate the full spectrum of personal and commercial needs. He has been active in these areas of financial services for almost two decades. In addition, Mr. Hackett is active with the YMCA, The York County Chamber of Commerce, The York Foundation, the Strand Capital, The Cultural Alliance, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and his church. He previously served as VP of Sales and Marketing for a regional specialty plastics company.

Dr. Ameya S. Kantak - Technical/Biological Advisor | Life Sciences & Bioengineering

Dr. Ameya Kantak is a seasoned healthcare professional. He joined Zerosum in 2003 first as a bioengineer and later as an advisor. Previously he developed Microjet patch pump at Corium International, an established transdermal drug delivery company to deliver injectables and biotherapeutics such as insulin painlessly through the skin. The Microjet patch-pump was widely recognized as a breakthrough technology product by drug delivery thought leaders and won the prestigious Edison award in the Medical Device game changer category. He was the core member of Medtronic team that launched world’s first breakthrough artificial pancreas technology (Minimed 530G with Enlite Sensor) – one of a kind FDA approved PMA product for diabetes management. He invented and published pioneering work in the areas of microfluidics, microfabrication, sensors, analytical separations, and manufacturing methods; and also serves as a reviewer/arbitrator of several international journals. He earned a Ph.D. from the University of Utah. He has been instrumental in advising engineering and manufacturing, regulatory and business aspects of Zerosum’s core technology.

Dr. Thomas P. Sherwood - Founder Biolexia | Cognitive and Behavioral Applications Advisor

Dr. Thomas P. Sherwood II, Cognitive and Behavioral Applications Advisor Dr. Sherwood has 34 years experience in the field of education in both instructional and administrative roles, with particular interest and expertise in the area of reading disabilities. He did his undergraduate work at Penn State University and obtained a M.Ed. from Millersville State University and an Ed. D. from the University of Maryland. He holds two advanced state reading certifications in Pennsylvania and one national reading certification from post-doctoral work in a program based at Ohio State University. Upon retirement from public education in Pennsylvania in 2006, he formed a literacy consultancy named BioLexia. The name of the company was intentionally chosen to draw awareness to the critical importance of acknowledging the biological substrates impacting both the human lexicon and lexical cognitive processing in literacy acquisition and achievement or dysfunction. BioLexia currently focuses on educational markets regarding literacy diagnosis and intervention on three levels: 1) University / College Student-Athletes and NCAA concerns about APR / GSR metrics, 2) Post-secondary Technical, Training, & Trade Schools and Community College concerns about student recruitment and retention issues, 3) Governmental / Private Business concerns for a literate workforce. Such a focus does not exclude marketing to the multitude of private clinics, institutes, franchises, and other educational providers dedicated to addressing literacy concerns like dyslexia which work seeks to support, at one time or another in their educational journey, those entering the three aforementioned entities with underdeveloped literacy skills. Biolexia is dedicated to developing a collaborative systems approach to the instructional interaction of mind, brain, and education from a clinical perspective utilizing advanced diagnostic protocols in cognition, genetics, and neurology to better inform clients' ongoing intervention and monitoring efforts with a more "laser-like" focus to enhance the efficacy of literacy solutions. Some of Dr Sherwood's specific research and professional interests deemed to enable multiple synergies with Zerosum include: 1) cortical cell genetics, 2) genetic markers for SRD predisposition, 3) genetic etiology of SRD, 4) neural plasticity, and 5) the neurobiology of reading disabilities.