About Zerosum, Inc.

Zerosum, Inc. is a privately-held Pennsylvania (USA) C Corporation life sciences tools company focusing on accelerating the benefits of genetic discoveries and research.

Today, the best way to overcome the difficulties associated with a dvancing genetic solutions to market is to have an infrastructure that does not rely on legacy operational pathways. This infrastructure should be built based on the latest technology and designed with current and future objectives in mind. Advances in the life sciences arena are rapidly overwhelming existing systems and resources. The bioinformation technology industry offers exciting opportunities. However, it still lacks the physical interfaces, global IT infrastructure, and interoperability for providing an effective research-to-market solution.

Zerosum is developing a product platform for the results-to-end user infrastructure required for today's life science advancements. Current development is focused on the physical device containing the electronic/diagnostic interface. Our interface is designed to be hand-held (portable), and capable of converting results from our SNP detection module/device. The SNP detection module then interfaces, either physically or wirelessly, to our network and applications software via our global bio-informatics IT infrastructure...all with a greatly reduced total cost of investment and ownership.